8 Things You Need to Know About Your Social Media Life

Whether you’re just browsing the web, posting Facebook and Twitter messages, or watching videos on Youtube, your information leaves a trace everywhere you go on the Internet. Most of the time, we’re unaware where our information goes and how it’s being stored and used by third party companies.

Surprisingly, we don’t often bother to think about this topic. Our only concern arises when suddenly Facebook changes its privacy policy and your friends share a status with something like, “All of your information on Facebook is now public. If you don’t adjust your settings, you lose all rights to privacy on Facebook”. Suddenly, we feel committed to the cause of privacy and violated by Facebook’s frivolous raise of a finger to suddenly expose our identities.

In fact, we love using Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Youtube so much that we willingly share our information so that they can target our ads and determine what we want to see in our news feeds.

But what if we actually knew where our information left its trace and more importantly how it was being used, would we want to trade our privacy for convenience?

Here at BrelTech Inc. computer repair and IT services, we recently discovered an app by AVG software called PrivacyFix and wanted to share the 8 Things You Need to Know about your Social Media Life and how to protect your privacy from being abused by third party companies.

8 Things You Need to Know About Your Social Media Life:

  1. Whether your Google search history is private
  2. Whether your YouTube search and viewing history is private
  3. Whether your information is being used in Google Ads
  4. How much you’re worth on Twitter ($)
  5. Whether your data is protected on Twitter
  6. How much you’re worth on Facebook ($)
  7. Whether your information is being used in Facebook Ads
  8. Whether your advertising tracking on your phone is ON


In their own words, AVG PrivacyFix:

  • Delivers effective protection against data piracy and tracking
  • Let’s you know whether you’re being tracked for advertising
  • Aggregates your information to show how much you’re sharing on Facebook, to determine your worth
  • Analyses your privacy settings and lets you correct any vulnerable settings
  • Let’s you know when Facebook, Google, YouTube, and Twitter make changes to their privacy policy and gives you tools to enhance your new privacy settings

What AVG Privacy Fix Allows you to do:

  • Prevent your search history from being stored by Google, and potentially used in unexpected ways.
  • Prevent unwanted videos from being seen
  • Prevent your name and image from being shown in Google Ads
  • Shows you what Facebook could earn from users with your characteristics
  • Tells you that US users are worth 2X users in Europe, 5X users in Asia, 6X users elsewhere
  • Makes it harder for data brokers and marketers to find your Facebook information
  • Prevents your name and picture from appearing in Facebook ads
  • Lets you know that Facebook uses facial recognition to identify you in photos uploaded by others
  • Allows you to set your settings so that others must manually tag you in order to associate you with photos they upload
  • Allows you to select friends who you do not want to see your posts by default
  • Prevents Apps and game companies from obtaining your profile data without your consent
  • Let’s you know that others might use stale Facebook sessions to hijack your account and allows you to remove old Facebook sessions
  • Limits the collection and use of data about your use of apps


  • Enter your email address and allow PrivacyFix access to analyze your settings
  • Connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts
  • Wait for the app to analyze your settings
  • Click on each privacy setting to change any vulnerabilities such as “Prevent unwanted videos from being seen”.
  • Do the same for each email address and social media account if you have more than one.

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