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Free Diagnostic

We will take a look at your computer and determine the problem free of charge.

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We will then contact you with an estimate for repair. 100% obligation free.

Repair & Upgrades

We can repair your computer or upgrade your machine to make it a more powerful device.

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We assist both local businesses and residents

Office Support

BrelTech Inc. helps local businesses with IT problems as well as servers and networks. Over 20 years experience!

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Contact us today to speak with our technician and assess your needs.

Virus Removal

Computer virus alert concept illustration
Remove viruses and spyware off your computer.
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OS Installation

Start with a clean slate.
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Hardware Repair

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Replacement and/ or repair of computer parts.
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Software Installation

photo_2949_20070820 copy
Anti-virus, video and audio software, etc.
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Computer Networks

In office
If you’re looking for a business network and a server installed.
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FAQ’S & News

  • Can you fix my problem?

    Yes. We can fix 99.99% of computer related problems. Our technicians have 10+ years of experience and will be able to provide you with high quality, dependable, computer repair service.  If you have a unique request, simply contact us and we will consult with you regarding your situation.

  • How long do repairs take?

    The majority of repairs can be treated within a 24 hour timeframe.  For some repairs that require parts to be special ordered, additional time may be required.

  • Do you take cash or credit?

    We can process cash and credit card payments.

  • Do you offer a guarantee or warranty of service?

    Yes.  We have a fourteen (14) day service warranty that covers repairs performed on your device.  If for any reason the customer is dissatisfied with the services that BrelTech Inc. provided, contact us and we will work to resolve this issue free of additional charge.  Virus Removal services will only be under warranty if Anti-Virus Installation is included in service.  Please note, parts are covered under the manufacturer’s warranty and vary in length of time covered under warranty.

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